Monthly Archives: October 2014

Kate Tempest in Q Magazine

Featured in this months Q Magazine is the feature shot by Scarlet of the inspirational Kate Tempest. Shot behind the Bauer offices in Covent Garden Kate also did an impromptu recital for the photographs in a small park to a few anonymous lunchers.

Scarlet Page & Billy Corgan

A Day With Billy Corgan

Today I got to spend the day with Billy who I have known for a shocking 20 years already! I was in charge of getting some press shots for his label which meant hanging out chatting and focusing on getting a variety of portraits of Mr BC. The first time I ever met Billy was assisting on a Smashing Pumpkins shoot in Notting Hill on a rooftop, I thought they were the coolest/oddest bunch I had ever seen… a few […]

KingCrimson Prog cover

King Crimson – Prog Magazine

Today I received this through the post, my photo of King Crimson on the cover of Prog Magazine. Looks really striking! I love the look you can get when you bundle seven suited men in a grotty old goods lift!