Important Resonator book update

Resonators important book update

Unfortunately, we have not reached the required level of pre-orders to allow our Resonators publication to proceed to print and manufacture.
Obviously, we are extremely disappointed that we will be unable to take this beautiful book to production at this time.
Scarlet is now busy exploring other avenues to publish her amazing Resonators photography and there will be updates available in due course.
We would encourage you to keep informed of any new developments or updates by registering your ongoing interest in Resonators in the following ways:
By following Resonators at

Or emailing your interest in further news to

Or visiting at
Alternatively, you can view and purchase limited edition prints of
Scarlet’s amazing Resonators photographs at
Lastly, we would like to thank those who did support our venture and we are saddened that this book release was not able to come to fruition.

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